Customer Information on Privacy Policy

Customers may inquire about Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation’s Privacy Policy and how their personal data may be used or shared.   Customers may also request to opt out of sharing their personal data.

All inquires and questions regarding Fairway’s Privacy Policy should be referred to the Privacy Policy Team by calling toll-free (800) 447-2603.  

  • Advise customers these specialists are able to answer all questions regarding Fairway's privacy policy 
  • Privacy Policy Team Specialists can assist customers with Opting Out of sharing their personal data

Customers may visit the Privacy Policy page on the Fairway corporate website:


Customers may type the word “Privacy” in the search bar on the corporate website, to view this information.

Customers may Opt Out or make their Privacy Elections on the Fairway Corporate website Privacy Page by clicking on the link located on the right side of the page titled “Privacy Elections”.

Please direct customers to review this page on the corporate website or call the toll-free number referenced above for all questions relating to the privacy policy and opting out from sharing information.