Eleven (11) Digit Loan Number Scenario

From time to time, the scenario described below occurs if and when branches originate loans in Encompass with an eleven digit loan number.  As of 11/18/2020 additional controls and monitoring have been implemented on the Origination and the I.T. sides to help identify and prevent this from occurring.  In the event this occurs and customers' loans are assigned an eleven (11) digit loan number, follow the guidelines shown below.


  • Explanation of what occurred and customer impact
  • FICS work-around to view loan information
  • FairwayNEXT impact and work-around for customers to view loan information

The Encompass system can accept eleven (11) digit loan numbers for new loans originated in branches with a four digit branch code.  FICS cannot accept a loan number greater than ten (10) digits.  

A small population of 11 digit loan numbers was created and could not be revised as customers origination disclosures has been sent.   As a result, borrower-facing communication, statements, and other reports must use this originally created Encompass 11 digit loan number however, it will not match the FICS loan number field.  

The following work-around actions are occurring:

  • The 11 digit loan number is being stored in the Member # field on FICS
  • A 10 digit loan number is being created when the loan boards to FICS
    • The four digit branch code (first four numbers of the Encompass loan number) are being replaced with 999 on FICS
    • This results in a 10 digit number that will reside on the Loan # field on FICS

Goodbye letters and Fairway billing statements will be generated referencing the 11 digit Encompass loan number (stored in the Member # field in FICS.)  The 10 digit FICS loan number will appear in the footer of the Goodbye Letters.

If customers call and provide an 11 digit loan number:

  • Enter the 11 digit loan number into the Member # field in the Search Criteria window on FICS

  • The loan may also be accessed by replacing the first four digits (branch code) of the 11 digit loan number with ‘999’ and entering the remaining seven digits in the Loan # field on FICS 
  • Please be aware of this information when completing research or accessing loan document images
  • This loan number issue will also impact the Year-End 1098s generated by Fairway for the interim servicing period 

FairwayNEXT – The 11 digit loan number will not be accepted in FairwayNEXT.  Instruct customers with 11 digit loan numbers to look up their account using their Last Name, Last 4 Digits of SSN/TIN and their Property Zip Code.  Their loan data can be retrieved using this search method.