FairwayNEXT Training Overview

Information on this page applies to Interim Servicing and Servicing 911.FairwayNEXT is a convenient portal to serve our customers after the closing of their loan.  

This website is designed to be accessed via a computer or laptop and a specially formatted user-friendly view for all mobile devices.

Loan Lookup View

  • Available to Customers and Loan Officers
  • Obtain Payment Details
  • New Servicer and Transfer information
  • Access Servicing FAQ’s
  • View Helpful Fairway Servicing Videos

Register and View Account

  • Only Customers Can Register Account
  • Process online one-time payment
  • View Notice of Servicing Transfer
  • See a copy of their Fairway Billing Statement
  • Access to IRS Statement, if available

How to Search for a Loan:

  • Customer’s last name
  • Last 4 digits of the Social Security Number
  • Property zip code
  • Or enter the Fairway loan number 

Once the Loan is Located:

  • Property address and loan number appear
  • Click the blue text to link to view Payment and New Servicer Information

Customers and Loan Officers can View the Following Without Registering:

  • Payment Details
  • First Payment Due and Amount
  • Fairway Customer Contact Information 
  • Fairway Servicing FAQs and helpful videos

Customers and Loan Officers can View the Following  Without Registering:

  • New Servicer and Transfer Information
  • First Payment Due to New Servicer and Amount
  • New Servicer Contact Information

Customers must register access all options and features - including the ability to make a one-time payment to Fairway.

Registration is easy!  Customers follow these steps:

  • Click Register
  • Enter email address they provided during Origination in the Username field
    • This is the email address used during origination, and it pulls data from Encompass Field #1240 (Borrower) and Encompass Field #1268 (Co-borrower)
  • Customers create a unique password
  • Select the acknowledgement boxes 
  • Click Create My Account

IMPORTANT:  Customers must physically enter their registration information.  Fairway employees cannot enter registration information on the customers’ behalf.  Fairway employees can assist customers through the step-by-step registration process but cannot input the information or complete the registration process.  This is based on Federal Privacy Requirements.

Once Registered Customers are Directed to Account Login

  • Customers enter their Username
  • Customers type the password they  created
  • Click Login

If Customers Forget or Wish to Change Password, Click Forgot Password Link

  • Forgot Password is a self-service link
  • Customers type in the email address registered with their FairwayNEXT account
  • Click Send Link button
  • Email will be sent with link to create a new password

The Forgot Password link should be used when customers cannot remember or wish to change their password.

Customers will not get locked out after multiple incorrect login attempts.

Registration and Password Helpful Hints

Borrower and the co-borrower may both register on FairwayNEXT if multiple email addresses were provided during origination

If Customers Attempt to Log In but Have Not Registered Their Account:

The Loan Details Screen Presents After Customers Log In

Making a One-Time Online Payment

Customers will follow these steps to make a one-time online payment:

  • Input required payment details
  • Options to pay additional principal and/or escrow, if desired
  • Choose drafting date from calendar
  • Check box to acknowledge Terms and Conditions
  • Click Continue and receive a Payment Confirmation Message

One-Time Payment Helpful Hints

  • If one payment is owed to Fairway, whether or not a transfer date is assigned, it can be processed on FairwayNEXT
  • If two payments are owed to Fairway only one payment per transaction may be processed on FairwayNEXT, but customers may process multiple transactions on a single business day
  • If more than two payments are owed to Fairway the borrower cannot process payments on  FairwayNEXT - A message will be displayed to the borrower to call Customer Experience

Download Notices

Customers can view images of:

  • Fairway Monthly Billing Statement
  • Notice of Transfer
  • IRS Interest Information

Loan Types Not Viewable on FairwayNEXT

Certain loan types and conditions will cause a loan to not be viewable in FairwayNEXT.   Remember, FairwayNEXT is not for use with Retained Servicing loans.

CLICK HERE to view the loan conditions and loan types that are not viewable on FairwayNEXT.

The message below appears on FairwayNEXT when a loan condition or loan type is not viewable on the site.

FairwayNEXT Promotional Buck Slip

This green buck slip is included in the first monthly billing statement for those customers who owe their first mortgage payment to Fairway.