February 4, 2022: Non-Retained Recast Matrix Has Been Updated

The Non-Retained Servicers Permitting Recasts Matrix published in KnowledgeOwl for The Street and KnowledgeOwl for Interim Servicing and Servicing911 has been updated.

The Estimated Completion After Recast Process Starts timeframe for Mr. Cooper has been updated from 6 – 8 weeks to 12 weeks (90 days) in accordance with their current guidelines.

This is the only content change to this matrix with this update.

Effective with this communication, discontinue distributing prior versions of the Non-Retained Loans Recast Matrix.  Make sure to provide the up-to-date version of this matrix with Fairway Loan Officers and Branch Employees.

Click Here to view the updated Non-Retained Recast Matrix.

If you click this link and it does not take you directly to the Recast Matrix page, please close the window and click the link a second time to view this content.