FICS Quick Reference

Information on this page applies to Interim Servicing and Servicing 911.

General Folder

Loan Interview and Loan Status

            Original Loan Information

  • Loan Amount (original mortgage amount)
  • Interest Rate
  • Term in Months

Current Loan Information

  • Current Interest Rate
  • Due Date of Next Payment
  • Maturity Date based on original amortization


  • Date of Note
  • Funding Date
  • Due Date of First Payment

Loan Balances


  • Current Principal Balance
  • Current T&I (escrow) Balance
    • Year-To-Date Totals
  • Principal Paid
  • Interest Paid

Borrower / Address Information

Borrower tab

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Phone numbers
  • Identification # (SSN#)
  • Interest Paid

Mailing Address tab

  • Mailing Address

Loan Details

            General Terms

  • Status (Active, Inactive)
  • Loan Type (Conventional, FHA, RHS, VA)
  • Last Statement Date

Payment Schedule – Not Used

Default/Credit Reporting

            Late Payment

  • Late Charge Description and Calculation Method

Investor / Servicer Fee


  • Bank – Investor – Group: identifies new servicer information
  • Investor Transfer Date (date transfer to new servicer occurred)
  • Investor First Payment Due Date (transfer effective date)

Loan Stops

  • Loan Payment Stops
  • PIF Statement Stops
  • Modification Stops

Tax and Insurance Schedule Folder

View T&I Data Summary 

            View escrow payee types and dollar amounts

  • Does not display payee name 

Memos Folder

  • All Memos
  • System Generated
  • User Generated

Miscellaneous Fields Folder

126. Transfer Effective Date

128. Investor Servicing Released

129. New Servicer Name

130. All Memos

Histories Folder

  • View History – all transactions
  • View Year End – displays information that will appear on 1098 Year End Statement

Radstar Folder

  • All Documents
  • System Generated
  • Notice of Transfer
  • Loan Level

Payments Folder – Used by Cashiering Team to post payments and payoffs

Billing Folder – Used by Servicing Operations Team

Investor Folder – Not Used by Servicing

Tax and Insurance Folder - Used by Escrow Team

Reports Folder

  • Payoff Statement – Procedure for Interim Customer Experience
  • Verification of Mortgage – Procedure for Interim Customer Experience

Year-End Folder – Used by Servicing Operations Team 

Master Servicing Folder – Not used by Customer Experience

Documents Folder – Not used by Customer Experience

Customized Programs Folder – Not used by Customer Experience