Five9 Login Job Aid

Access Five9 using the Google Chrome browser outside of Citrix.

Web address:


TIP:  Plug headset into the USB port on your computer before logging in!

  • Then, type Username and Password and click Log In
  • Select option to log in as Agent

Enter Station ID

TIP: Make sure your headset is plugged into the USB port on your computer before hitting Next

  • Once plugged in, select Next

Station Check – TIP:  You should hear a test tone once you are successfully connected.  

  • If you plugged in your headset before getting to this screen, the audio settings for Earphone and Microphone should automatically be on Headset
  • If not, open the drop down box and select Headset for both Earphone and Microphone

Select drop-down at top left of screen, click on Ready (Voice) to take a call.