Generating History Statements in FICS

Information on this page applies to Interim Servicing and Servicing 911.

Generating Payment Histories in FICS

Step 1 - Click the following

  1. Reports
  2. Miscellaneous
  3. Loan History
  4. Loan Select

Step 2 - Under Search Criteria:

  1. Beg/End Loan # field: Input Loan Number
  2. Click Search Now
  3. Loan information will populate in Available Loans field

Step 3 - Under Loan Select Search Results

  1. Click down arrow beside Available Loans field
  2. Loan data will populate in the Loan(s) Selected field
  3. Click the Select button

Step 4 - Under Loan History:

  1. Input Beginning Date Paid and Ending Date Paid
  2. Click OK

Step 5

  1. Save a pdf copy to email by Clicking Export

Step 6

  1. Select desired folder destination on Save As window
  2. Type the desired name of the file in the File Name field
  3. Ensure PDF is selected in the Save as type field 
  4. Click Save, retrieve pdf file and email as applicable

Once generated, the loan history document will be viewable in Radstar