Install DigiCert Digital Signature plus Certificate

Locate the email sent to you by DigiCert titled Create your DigiCert Digital Signature plus Certificate

Use IE Internet Explorer to open the link.  Do NOT use Chrome!

Download the personal certificate when prompted and open it to save into your profile:

Once the cert has been saved, locate the second email containing the iBridge Link & Celink Webportal links  along with the credentials to access both portals. 

Open either one  the links using IE or Chrome once the above steps have been completed

  • Accept the certificate when prompted
  • The site will prompt you to confirm your certificate every time it is accessed


Enter credentials once the login screen is presented: 

Additional Observations:

The personal certificate will remain in the profile of the Citrix platform that the certificate was downloaded in. 

Example:  If the certificate was downloaded while logged into VDI, it will only work in VDI and will need to be exported and imported if user switches to working outside Citrix or Shared environment (LOS\CORP\ACCT\ENCALL) 

The same will apply in the case of a Citrix profile rebuild, the certificate would need to be reimported into the new profile

Optional: To verify that the cert is installed: 

Open Internet Explorer, click on the gear icon on the top right then select:

Internet Options -> Content -> Certificates

The certificate can also be exported and imported from this screen: