Upload Insurance Policy and Request Payment

This information applies to Fairway Retained Servicing Loans with ServiceMac.

For Retained Servicing Loans with ServiceMac, customers may provide Homeowner’s Insurance policies with updated information and/or request payment for the policy. 

ServiceMac uses the services of National General for their insurance processing center.  Upload the insurance policy received from customers, and open the applicable task to request payment of the policy.

This is a three step process:

  1.  Upload insurance policy to www.ihaveinsurance.com/fairway
  2.  Open applicable task to request disbursement of insurance premium
  3.  Upload copy of policy to DMS

Step 1: Upload the Insurance Policy

Access website:


Click the Upload my insurance document button.

Complete the form with the information requested below

First Name:  Customer's First Name

Last Name:  Customer's Last Name

Loan Number:  10 Digit Loan Number from MSP

Your Email Address

  • If the policy and request was received from the customer, input the customer's email address
  • If the policy and request was received from a Fairway Loan Officer, input the Loan Officer's email address

This message will appear. 

Click the Ok got it! button.

The Select a Document to Upload button will highlight, and Click this button to locate the desired document to upload.

Follow the remaining prompts and complete the upload process.

Step 2: Open a Task to Request Payment 

MSP Screen: TSK1

MSP Task ID: HZVPAY – Insurance Payment Request

                              HZVPY1 – Escalation Payment Request – Management Escalation Only

Management Escalation Process

Step 3: Upload Documents in DMS

Click the Loan Search icon to locate the desired loan


Input the loan number in the search field – then press <Enter>.  

The loan number, customer name and address will appear on a green bar.

Click the green bar to view the available documents, and the Upload Loan Document button appears in the upper right corner of the window.

Click the Upload Loan Document button to begin the upload process.

Categorize the Document Type and Create the Document 

Document Type: Insurance Correspondence – Other [510]

Document Name: Input text “Insurance Policy

Click Browse For File and select the desired file from the shared file drive 

Once the file is selected, Click Create Document and the file will upload to DMS.