January 31, 2022: Retained - DMS System Slowness

RESOLVED - Retained Servicing: DMS System Slowness

The DMS system latency and timeout issues referenced in the communication shown below have been resolved.

If users continue experiencing these issues when accessing the DMS system, please open an IT Ticket with ServiceMac.

Sent: Monday, January 31, 2022 11:26 AM
Subject: Retained Servicing: DMS System Slowness

Retained Servicing: DMS System Slowness

Users of the Document Management System (DMS) for retained servicing loans are currently experiencing system latency and timeouts when attempting to log in or access document images.  

The DMS system is performing slower than normal.  

ServiceMac is aware of this issue and has engaged their technical support team to resolve this issue.  

Servicing Training will provide status updates as additional information becomes available.