July 20, 2021: FairwayNEXT.com Changes and Updates - Including Removal of Online Chat

The Fairway Interim Servicing website – wwwFairwayNEXT.com – will be updated to remove the online chat feature.

We are dedicating our Customer Experience resources to servicing customer preferred communication channels of email and phone calls. All other features and benefits on the FairwayNEXT website remain active and available.

The last day for the online chat feature is Wednesday, July 21, 2021.

The online chat feature will be removed effective Thursday, July 22, 2021.

Other FairwayNEXT updates include:

Clarifying verbiage (shown below) has been added to the Search Results pop-up Window instructing customers to click the link (property address and loan number) to access their loan:

A pop-up message has been added to the Make One-Time Payment selection advising Fairway interim servicing offers a one-time draft option and does not offer monthly or biweekly options:

New content will be added to the Legal Information and Links section located in the lower right corner of the home page. Shown below is an image of the Illinois Community Reinvestment Notice that will be added effective Thursday, July 22, 2021:

Please contact your supervisor or manager if you have any questions.