July 26, 2021: Cyber Security Awareness and Always Use Fairway Provided Equipment

Fairway has recently been targeted for cyber-attacks and ransomware.  Now more than ever, it is critically important for all team members to diligently follow all recommended safety precautions when receiving suspicious emails, when asked to click on links and when prompted to enter username and password credentials.  

Be Careful Before You Click:  Stop and carefully review the email received if the sender requests you click on a web link.  Do not click on links contained in unexpected emails or from senders you are not familiar with.

NEVER Use Your Fairway Log In Credentials when clicking on links from external email sources.  Hackers are hoping you provide your employee credentials, so you should NEVER input this information when requested from external/third-party email sources.

Phishing email attempts are on the increase!  The cyber attackers make these emails seem valid and legitimate now more than ever before.  Always be aware of attempts to phish your Fairway credentials and other valuable work-specific information.  

When in doubt, DO NOT provide any requested information and report the email to Information Security in Outlook (InfoSec@fairwaymc.com).  Our I.T. security experts will review the suspicious email you report and determine if it is a phishing attempt or if it is safe to open and reply to.  

Please contact your manager immediately if you have questions or concerns regarding any of this information.  Protecting Fairway, our systems, and our computer networks requires us to be careful and aware of potential hacks – all the time.