July 8, 2021: Interim Servicing Recasting Guidelines by Servicer Content has Been Updated

The Recasting Guidelines by Servicer content information in KnowledgeOwl viewed by The Street (Fairway Loan Officers and Branch Employees) and in KnowledgeOwl for Interim and Servicing911 has been updated. 

Refer to the document attached to this newsflash to quickly identify the updated content – look for information highlighted in yellow or text in red font in the attachment.

PLEASE NOTE this IMPORTANT update to the Servicers Permitting Recasts section:

  • Chase is now referenced as JP Morgan Chase Bank (Serviced by JPMC) with an additional note advising JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp loans subserviced by Shellpoint do not allow recasts
    • This additional note is intended to clarify loans that are subserviced by Shellpoint do not permit recasts, and loans serviced directly by JP Morgan Chase permit recasts 

Servicing911 team members

Begin providing this updated information/matrix to loan officers effective with the distribution of this communication.  

  • Discontinue distribution of prior versions of the Recast Matrix

Click Here to view this updated content in KnowledgeOwl.

Instructions to access the direct KnowledgeOwl link embedded in this newsflash:

  • Click the link and enter your Fairway Citrix login and password, if prompted
  • The KnowledgeOwl for The Street homepage will open
  • Close the KnowledgeOwl window and click the link again – this will open the specific page and referenced content