June 11, 2021: Training Video - eStatements/Paperless Billing

A new training video has been published in KnowledgeOwl for Retained Servicing.  This training video defines the steps to enroll customers in the eStatement/Paperless Billing option, and it encourages promotion of this option to retained servicing customers.

Information in this training includes:

  • Benefits and convenience of eStatements
  • View and maintenance eStatement options on the MAS1 ECON screen in MSP
  • Comment codes for this topic
  • How customers select this option on the MyFairwayServicing web portal

View this training video in KnowledgeOwl for Retained Servicing by navigating to:  

Home  >>  Training  >>  Popcorn Training  >>  eStatements/Paperless Billing  

Please contact your supervisor or manager if you have any questions.