June 17, 2021: Interim Servicing IVR - All Self-Service Features are Unavailable

All self-service options on the Interim Servicing IVR are unavailable at this time.  Callers are not able to access the one-time payment option or loan transfer details in the automated system.

Customer calls are successfully being transferred to the queue and answered by Customer Experience Specialists.  

 Callers currently experience the following when dialing toll-free (800) 201-7544:

  1. The “Thank you for calling Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation” recorded greeting plays
  2. The option to press nine (9) for Spanish plays
  3. The FairwayNEXT.com message plays
  4. The message advising calls may be monitored and recorded plays
  5. Call transfers to the queue for the next available agent

Fairway’s Servicing Operations and I.T. teams continue working to resolve these issues.  Servicing Training will communicate updates as additional information becomes available.  Please contact your supervisor or manager if you have questions.