Loans Not Viewable in FairwayNEXT

Information on this page applies to Interim Servicing and Servicing 911.

Bond and Agency Loans

  • Servicing transfer information will be viewable on for loans transferred to the Servicers, Subservicers or Agencies listed below.  
  • The Online Payment feature will be unavailable for these loans:
  • Capital Area Finance Authority (Louisiana)
  • Colorado Housing Finance Agency
  • Georgia Housing and Finance Authority
  • Montana Board of Housing
  • Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
  • Regions Mortgage
  • State of New York Mortgage Agency
  • Virginia Housing Development Authority
  • Webster Bank, N.A.
  • WHEDA (Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority)
  • Wyoming Community and Development Authority

Note: This list may not include all Bond or Agency Loan Servicers that Fairway may transfer to.  Always check Encompass and FICS to confirm correct information when speaking with customers or loan officers who advise they are not able to view details on  Always verify information on these loans by checking the other systems.

If one or more of the conditions listed below exist, loans will not be viewable on, and no loan information will be available online.  

A message will advise customers to contact Fairway Interim Servicing: 

  • Retained Servicing Loans through our sub-servicer, ServiceMac
  • Second Liens
  • Problem Loans 
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Home Equity Line Of Credit
  • Paid in Full Loans
  • Illogical conditions:
  • Borrower Last Name is missing
  • Property Zip code is missing
  • Product Type is missing
  • Program Type is missing
  • Payment Amount is not available
  • Investor is not present
  • Payment Amount Discrepancies

Identify these stated exclusions in Encompass as shown below:

Second Liens

RegZ - CD screen

  • Lien Position Type field has Subordinate checked

Problem Loans

Shipping Tracking Screen 

  • Challenged Inventory field is not blank

Reverse Mortgages

Borrower Summary - Origination Summary screen 

  • Lender Field is populated with Reverse Mortgage Funding


  • Program Field contains HECM

Home Equity Line of Credit

Borrower Summary - Origination Summary screen 

  • Program Field contains HECM

Paid in Full Loans

Challenged Inventory screen

  • Investor-Current field contains “Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation” and the Purchase Advise form is blank.

Illogical conditions: Payment Amount Discrepancies

Interim Servicing Worksheet screen

  • Mortgage Insurance field does not match the 1003 Page 2 screen Mtg. Ins field value

Loans with Retained Fairway Servicing, through our sub-servicing partners at ServiceMac, are not viewable on  

These customers will receive a message that automatically redirects them to the website designed specifically for Retained Servicing customers.