Loss Draft Assigned and Sold to New Servicer but Not Yet Transferred

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Servicing Interim - Loss Draft Assigned and Sold to New Servicer but Not Yet Transferred   


Dear <Customer Name>, 

Thank you for contacting Fairway’s Customer Experience Team regarding the insurance claim check you recently received.  Assisting our customers is our highest priority.

Your mortgage loan is scheduled to transfer serving to <New Servicer> effective <DATE>.  Many of the Servicers that Fairway transfers loans to will agree to endorse an insurance check made payable to you and to us.  

We strongly encourage you to contact your new Servicer and inquire if they will will endorse a claim check made payable to Fairway.

Here are key details regarding your loan to provide to your new servicer:

  • Your new Servicer is <NEW SERVICER NAME>
  • Your new loan number is: <PROVIDE NEW LOAN #>
  • Your loan transfer effective date is:
  • Contact your new Servicer by calling <NEW SERVICER CONTACT INFORMAITON>

If your new Servicer agrees to endorse the check, please work directly with <NEW SERVICER NAME> and provide all requested documentation.

Not all Servicers will agree to endorse a Loss Draft Claim Check if it is payable to Fairway.  

If your new Servicer does not agree to endorse a Loss Draft Claim Check payable to Fairway, you may send the insurance claim check and a copy of the Adjuster's Report to Fairway's Corporate Office in Carrollton, TX for endorsement by Fairway.

  • Please endorse the check, make sure you reference your Fairway loan number on the check and send to:

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

Attn: Loss Draft Department

4201 Marsh Lane

Carrollton, TX  75007

Fairway will endorse the check and forward it to your new Servicer.  Then, please work directly with your new servicer and provide all requested documentation.

If you have questions regarding endorsement of your insurance claim check or if we may be of further assistance, please contact Customer Experience at the phone number or email address referenced below.

Thank you for contacting Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.