Manage Engine Manual

Information on this page applies to Interim Servicing and Servicing 911.

Manage Engine is an IT ticketing system used to create and assign ticket numbers for cases to be worked in Servicing 911. 

Multiple email addresses feed directly into Manage Engine (Loan Admin, Servicing Support, Servicing 911, Payoffs, Servicing etc.) that all need to be worked and addressed as quickly and professionally as possible. 

Login to Manage Engine

Web Address:

Login Screen: (Use your Login Information for your Computer (usually your first name.last


Check the “Keep me signed in” box, the drop down should be changed to  FAIRWAYMC (if not automatically selected) and click <Log in>

The Main screen will appear.  

The “My Summary” section will be the only category used by the Servicing911 team

  • Clicking <Pending Requests> to view requests pre-assigned to you

Dashboard Icons appear at the top of the screen including:

  • Requests
  • Solutions
  • Reports (manager access only)

Personalizing/Creating a Signature

Set up a signature before working cases.

Click the Icon in the upper right hand corner:

A drop-down menu will appear

Click "Personalize”


Select the "Personalize" tab, 

update the choices in the drop down boxes shown below, 

and copy/paste the signature template shown below the image:



In this box: Type in your signature as you would like it displayed on your emails. 

Please use the following format:



Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

4201 Marsh Lane

Carrollton, TX 75007

Servicing 911 Customer Experience Team

Monday through Friday 8:30AM-5:00PM CST

Customer Experience Department:  (800) 201-7544

Please visit where your (non-retained) customers can view their payment details, servicer information/documents and make a one-time mortgage payment online!

Confidentiality Notice: The information contained in and transmitted with this communication is strictly confidential, is intended only for the use of the intended recipient, and is the property of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation or its affiliates and subsidiaries. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use of the information contained in or transmitted with the communication or dissemination, distribution, or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited by law. If you have received this communication in error, please immediately return this communication to the sender and delete the original message and any copy of it in your possession.

***Manage Engine requires you to click <SAVE> after every change or an error message will occur***

When completed, click the “X” at the top of the screen to exit. 

Main Screen

Click <Requests>  on the toolbar at the top of the screen to view tickets

See Below: 

Selection Box

Click when merging cases or completing a mass assignment

Manage Engine Views

  • Servicing 911- Displays all Unassigned and Assigned thickets
  • My Open or Unassigned- Displays unassigned tickets and all open tickets assigned to you
  • Unassigned Requests- Displays all unassigned tickets
  • My Open Requests- Displays open tickets assigned directly to you
  • My Requests on Hold- Displays tickets you have on Hold
  • My Overdue Requests- Displays tickets passed the approved Service Level (SLA)
  • My Pending Requests- Displays tickets assigned to you in any status except closed.   This is the most popular view most agents work from

Creating New Ticket

Do Not Use - All tickets are created by emails received to the Servicing911 team


Used mostly by managers, but this section is unable to be changed, and the reports are not 100% accurate yet. This will be helpful soon as we continue creating procedures and policies for the betterment of Servicing 911


Use this button to Merge, Edit, Link or Close Requests - Usually the Action used is to Merge tickets

Move/Setting up Columns

Ensure you view all pertinent information up front bu changing columns to match the order of the Servicing 911 layout.

This should be the way the information is used daily.  Please place these in the following order. 

  • Select Box
  • Urgency
  • Priority
  • ID
  • Reply
  • Created Date
  • Subject
  • Requester Name
  • Notes
  • Status
  • Assigned to
  • Last Update time
  • New Servicer
  • Due by

To move columns to the desired order, click on the column to move and drag to the desired location. 


Only to be accessed by Managers

Number Shown in View

Always select 250 - this ensures all assigned tickets may be viewed and will indicate when additional pages of data exist 

Number Of Open tickets

Displays current number of open tickets to be worked by the Servicing911 team

Description of Columns

  • Urgency:  Low, High, or Urgent
  • Priority: Low, Medium or High
  • ID:  Ticket number assigned to case
  • Create Date: Date and time the ticket was created and sent to Manage Engine
  • Subject: Information included in the subject of the email. 
  • Requester Name: Person who submitted the email request  
  • Status: Current status of the ticket
  • Acknowledge: Initial acknowledgement of receipt of the case has occurred
  • In Process: Case is in the process of being worked
  • Open: Case has been received but not yet acknowledged, or reopening the case for another response
  • On Hold: Awaiting information, a status or a response from someone outside of Fairway 
  • Closed:  Response sent, and the case no longer requires attention.  "Resolutions" may be used on Executive cases.
  • Assigned To:  Name of team member assigned to review, research, and respond regarding the case 
  • Last Update Time:  Time and date stamp of the most recent update to the case
  • New Servicer: Name of the new servicing company the loan will be/has been transferred to
  • Due By: Required date for the case to be completed and responded to

Working a Ticket

Click the Subject of the ticket in Manage Engine:

This opens the case that you are going to work. 

** Important: Do not use the “EDIT” button at the top of the screen **

The majority of the case work occurs in the Details Tab   

***Resolution Tab is only used if Servicing911 will not work the case; go here to document why the case will be closed and not worked by the Servicing911 team***

The Tasks, Work Logs and Time Analysis tabs are not used by the Servicing911 team.

The Assign button located on the toolbar at the top of the screen allows the ticket to be assigned to any Servicing911 team member.  Once assigned, the team member will receive an email advising them of the case assignment and will display in their Personal view of tickets in Manage Engine.

The Action button is to merge tickets  or to add notes on an account. 

Adding a Note

Do not check any boxes, and type a note summarizing the actions taken to close the ticket. 

The note should provide sufficient details to assist agent should they need to work on the case in your absence.  

Add details in the note - when applicable - to explain if the case was closed due to resolution of the issue via a phone call instead of an email or letter.  Also indicate in the notes if the case was worked or closed  by senior management.