March 22, 2021: Reminder - Interim Loans: Authentication of Checking/Savings Account Numbers when Processing a One-time Payment

As communicated in a newsflash on March 19, 2021, checking/savings account numbers provided by interim servicing customers when remitting a one-time payment on or by speaking with a Customer Experience Specialist will be authenticated in the same manner their nine-digit routing number is authenticated.  

Click Here to view the original communication and details distributed on Friday 03/19/2021.

Beginning Monday 03/22/2021, Ventanex/Lift has been updated to authenticate checking/savings account numbers when a payment by phone is processed by a Customer Experience Specialist.

For, customers will see one of these error messages if their checking/savings account number is not able to be authenticated:

  • “Account number is not valid.  Account reported closed.”
  • “Account number is not valid.  Account number is less than 3 digits or contains an invalid character.”
  • “Account number is not valid.  Account has unpaid returns.”
  • “Account number is not valid.  Failed.”