March 22, 2021: Retained Loans - Updating a Foreign Mailing Address

A Newsflash Reminder regarding foreign mailing address changes for retained loans has been published.

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We have many borrowers with foreign mailing addresses, please ensure you are following the foreign mailing address section in the Updating Mailing Address procedure. 

It is important to be aware and change the foreign mailing address indicator when changing an address from domestic to foreign and vice versa

To update a foreign mailing address

If customers receive their mail overseas at their main property, vacation property, or deployment address they will request to update their mailing address to a foreign, overseas, outside of US address. 

  • Enter a “Y” in the foreign mailing address field 
  • Enter the address using the following formatting:
    • Address (1) for the street
    • Address (2) for the city/province
    • Street for the zip, when applicable
    • City for the country

Please speak with your supervisor or manager if you have any questions.