May 11, 2021: Email Documents Directly from DMS

ServiceMac launched a new feature within DMS (Document Management System) to securely email documents directly to customers from within the DMS application. 

Click the link below to view a training video for this new feature. 

Emailing within DMS Training.mp4

Note:  The sample documents in this training video show ServiceMac branded correspondence.  Information provided to our customers will be branded as Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.

This procedure is viewable in KnowledgeOwl for Retained Servicing by navigating to:

·        Home >> Requests for Documentation >> Copies of Loan Documents >> Email from DMS Job Aid

·        Or, type “Email from DMS” in the KnowledgeOwl for Retained Servicing search bar

Information from the job aid published in KnowledgeOwl is shown below.  Please contact your supervisor or manager if you have questions. 

Procedure and Job Aid:

If a customer calls with a request for copies of documents or letters sent to them, the designated Customer Service Team Member completes the following steps:

1. Determine if the requested document is one of the approved documents:

·         Closing disclosure

·         Promissory note/Note

·         First Payment Letter

·         Mortgage/Security Instrument/Deed of Trust (DOT)

·         HUD/Settlement Statement

·         TILA

·         Appraisal

·         Any Customer Facing Letter – Letter previously addressed/sent to them and they want a copy

·         Billing Statement

·         Escrow Analysis

·         Amortization schedule

·         Insurance policy we have on file

If the requested document is…



Continue to next step.

NOT approved, 

Consult with Manager to determine if document can be provided. 

2. Navigate to DMS.

3. Enter the loan number.

4. Locate and open the requested document within the Customer Contact, Loan Boarding, or Originations folder.

Note: If unable to locate, open the RSDOCS task for the Written/Research Team to further research. 

5. Select the “Send via email” radio button in the bottom right. 

6. Complete the following fields:

Email to:



Note: It is imperative that we double check the email address for accuracy before sending the email. 

7. Send Email to the requested email address. 

Note: Only one document can be sent per email. 

8. Advise the customer that they will have to authenticate to open the email. 

9. Notate the loan on SERN with the details about the action.