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Servicing Interim - Payoff    


Dear <Customer Name>, 

Thank you for contacting Fairway’s Customer Experience Team regarding a payoff quote request.  Assisting our customers is our highest priority.

Your requested quote is attached to this email.   

Important Points:

  • Payoff figures must be verified within 24 hours prior to payoff
  • The total amount necessary to pay the loan in full is subject to final verification from the Note holder
  • We reserve the right to adjust these figures and refuse any funds that are not sufficient to pay the loan in full

For same day credit, payoff funds must be received by 3:00 p.m. Central Time Monday - Friday.  

Issuance of this statement does not suspend the requirement to make the loan payment when due under the loan contract.  It is the customer’s responsibility to cancel any automatic payment arrangement.  

Do not stop payment on any payment already made.  Overpayments and/or Escrow Balances will be refunded within 15 days of receipt of valid payoff funds. 

If this property is sold to another party, please provide the new forwarding address.


 Please reference the payoff quote for bank wire remittance instructions and all required disclaimers and disclosures.

If you have questions about this payoff quote or if we may be of further assistance, please contact Customer Experience at the phone number or email address referenced below.

Thank you for contacting Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.

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