Payoff Quotes for Interim Servicing Loans in FICS

Information on this page applies to Interim Servicing and Servicing 911.

Step 1 - Click the following: 

  1. Reports
  2. Miscellaneous
  3. Payoff Statement
  4. Input Estimated Payoff Date (good-through date for payoff quote)
  5. Interest Calculation Method: Always Select “Conventional – 365”
  6. Mailing Name and Address: Always Select “Borrower”

Step 2 - Under Payoff Statement:

  1. Click on the Comment Page tab
  2. Copy and paste the Payoff Verbiage into the Comments Page section
  3. Make sure to update the Loan Number and Customer’s Last Name when copying and pasting the verbiage
  4. Click OK

Scroll down below this screen shot for verbiage to copy/paste!
Payoff Verbiage to Copy and Paste on Comments Page

Do Not Change the Account Number of 750017678 listed under the Wiring Instructions section on the text line "Account Number".   This account number references the Fairway bank account number at TIAA Bank - this is not the customer's loan number.  

Update the Customer's Loan Number and Customer Last Name on the Text Line :  ** Reference**.

[Begin copy/paste of verbiage]

Payoff Statement Information

Payoff figures must be verified within 24 hours prior to payoff.  The total amount necessary to pay the loan in full is subject to final verification from the Note holder.  

We reserve the right to adjust these figures and refuse any funds that are not sufficient to pay the loan in full.  (This includes, but is not limited to, dishonored payments, 

disbursements or adjustments made between the date of this demand/payoff statement and the receipt of the payoff funds, or non-receipt of certified, cashiers or wire funds.)  

For same day credit, payoff funds must be received by 3:00 p.m.  Central Time Monday  - Friday.  Please call Customer Service at (800) 201-7544 to verify amounts.

Issuance of this statement does not suspend the requirement to make the loan payment when due under the loan contract.  It is the customer’s responsibility to cancel any automatic payment arrangement.  

Do not stop payment on any payment already made.  Overpayments and/or Escrow Balances will be refunded within 15 days of receipt of valid payoff funds. 

If this property is sold to another party, please provide the seller’s forwarding address.


Wire Instructions

Bank: TIAA

ABA#: 063000225

Credit: Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.

Account Number: 750017678

**Reference**: [Loan Number] – [Customer Last Name] - Payoff

The lien release will be mailed in accordance with applicable laws and the loan documents.  

The lien will not be released if: 1) any funds previously received are rejected by the bank upon which it is drawn; or 2) an insufficient amount is received to pay off the loan in full.

For verification or update of figures, please call Customer Service at (800)201-7544.

[End copy/paste of verbiage]

Step 3 - Under Payoff Statement:

  1. Click Payoff Statement Selection tab and verify all details are correct
  2. Remove the check-mark from the "Use Net Deferred Principal Balance?" option
  3. Click OK to generate Payoff Statement

Once generated, the Payoff Statement may be saved as a PDF file.  

The Payoff Statement is also viewable in Radstar.