Payoff Wiring Instructions for Interim Servicing Loans in FICS

All Payoff Remittances Must Be Paid By Wire Transfer For Interim Servicing Loans. 

This applies if customers pay their mortgage loan in full during the interim servicing period prior to the mortgage loan transferring to the new Servicer. 

Please direct payoff funds for interim servicing loans to:

Wire Instructions

Bank: TIAA
ABA#: 063000225
Credit: Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.
Account Number:  750017678

Payoff wire should also reference the [Loan Number] and [Customer Name] when funds are remitted to Fairway

Once the loan transfers to the new Servicer, customers and third parties must contact the new Servicer for proper payoff figures and instructions.  Fairway interim servicing cannot process loan payoffs after the interim servicing loan transfers to the new Servicer.