Recast Eligible Loan Types and General Guidelines

Eligible loan types (if Servicer permits)

 Conventional Fannie Mae

• Conventional Freddie Mac 

Non-eligible loan types

  • FHA
  • RHS
  • USDA
  • VA

General Recast Guidelines

  • Written request is required
  • A minimum amount (typically $10,000.00 or 10% of the unpaid principal balance) may be required
  • A recast fee may be assessed, and this varies by Servicer
  • Servicers may limit the number of recasts that may be performed during the life of the loan
  • No prior modifications to the loan
  • Loans cannot be delinquent on payments or in an active Bankruptcy status
  • Interest-Only loan types are not eligible
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) loans must be reviewed for a Recast no later than six-months before the first scheduled interest rate change

Important Information about Recasts

  • Cannot be performed during the Fairway interim servicing period - loan must be transferred to new servicer
  • Customers may have a waiting before becoming eligible to apply for a recast - varies by servicer
  • A recast is a formal loan modification requiring documents to be produced, mailed, and signed by customers and returned to the servicer

Not all servicers permit recasts.  

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DISCLAIMER: The servicers/subservicers contained within this information do not include all servicers/subservicers to which Fairway transfers loans.  These are some of our higher volume partners.   Fairway does not own or influence this information and cannot confirm its accuracy on a day-to-day basis.  This information is owned and controlled by the referenced Servicer and/or Subservicer. This information may change at any time and Fairway (as a third party) would not be advised of changes.  This information is gathered as a courtesy by periodically contacting these servicers and subservicers and asking that they voluntarily share their current process/policy specific to these activities.   Decisions and requirements may vary from servicer to servicer based on processes and interpretations.

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