Recast General Guidelines – Contact New Servicer

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Servicing Interim – Recast General Guidelines - Contact New Servicer


Dear <Customer Name>, 

Thank you for contacting Fairway’s Customer Experience Team regarding a recast for your mortgage loan.  Assisting our customers is our highest priority.

Mortgage loans must meet eligibility requirements to be reviewed for a recast.  These vary by loan type and internal interpretations and guidelines of each individual loan servicer.  Not all servicers perform recasts. 

Fairway does not perform recasts on loans during the interim servicing period awaiting transfer to your new servicer.   Please contact your new servicer after your loan’s transfer effective date for specific information on their recast requirements.

Listed below are some of the general recast eligibility requirements:

  • Only conventional loan types may be eligible if permitted by the servicer/subservicer
  • FHA, RHS and VA loan types are not eligible to recast
  • Not all servicers perform recasts
  • Servicers/subservicers may change their recast guidelines at any time without notifying Fairway

If you have additional questions regarding recasts or if we may be of further assistance, please contact Customer Experience at the phone number or email address referenced below.

Thank you for contacting Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.