RETAINED SERVICING - Director Script for COVID-19 Assistance

Select Director Script

Click the Director Script Selector in MSP

Select Disaster

Enter Loan Number will populate

Verify to ensure the loan is correct

Click Submit

If Active Bankruptcy, read the scripted verbiage in the pop-up window (shown below) then Click OK

  • Not able to discuss payment options due to Bankruptcy status 
  • Customer must contact their Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Director Script will log the CSCVIN comment code 

If an Active Loss Mitigation Plan exists, read the scripted verbiage in the pop-up window (shown below) then Click OK

  • The assigned   Single Point of Contact must review their account for available options 
  • A task will automatically be opened to the Single Point of Contact in Loss Mitigation
  • Advise customer they will receive a return call within 2 business days

Select Disaster Type 

Select Pandemic

Click Submit


Click Yes always – do not click No!

Impacted Details 

Select Who Was Impacted?

Select Where Was Impacted?

Click Submit

Financial assistance?

Click YES for customers requesting financial assistance and immediately impacted – continue following this job aid

Click NO for customers not immediately impacted, follow the prompts and read the scripted verbiage that appears

Financial Assistance

Read the scripted verbiage in the pop-up window (shown below) then Click OK

Advise customer will be set up on a 3-month Forbearance Plan

Forbearance Letter will be mailed outlining the details - Click Here to view the verbiage contained in this Forbearance Letter

Click OK

If customers are enrolled in recurring monthly auto-draft or bi-weekly payment drafting, read the scripted verbiage in the pop-up window (shown below) then Click OK

Auto-draft and Bi-Weekly payment drafting will be deleted upon set up of the forbearance plan

A reminder letter to re-establish auto-draft and Bi-Weekly payment drafting will be sent prior to the expiration of the forbearance plan

Enter Task Notes:

Line 1: Who is impacted?

Line 2: Where impact is: House, Employer, School, etc. 

Lines 3 – 7: Current and Valid Contact Information including cell phone, home phone and email addresses

Click Submit

Borrower Contact Information:

Select how the customers notified Fairway of their impact 

Select if customer contacted us or we contacted customer

Click Submit

Confirm Script Completion

Click OK 

Confirm the Forbearance Plan Set Up:

  1. Navigate to DLQ2
  2. Confirm there are 3 months in the plan at $0.00 per month

Confirm LMT1 Set Up:

  • Navigate to LMT1
    • STAT = A

Confirm Late Fees are Suppressed:

  • Navigate to SAF1 and view LATE CHARGE fields
    • VAL = 6
    • RC = DS

Confirm the Negative Credit Reporting is Suppressed:

  • Navigate to MAS1/CBR1
    • SUPR FLG = Y
    • SUPR RSN = DS

Confirm the Forbearance Letter Generated:

  • Navigate to PL05
    • LETTER = CL053 - Click here to view the verbiage contained in this Forbearance Letter

Confirm the Correct Task was Open:

  • Navigate to TSK1
    • TASK ID = LMTVIR and reflects OPEN

Confirm the Disaster Workstation Updated Correctly:

Navigate to DTL1

  • ACCEPT = Date of Plan Setup
  • EXPIRE = Month after Last Forbearance Plan Due Date

Press <F8>


COMM IND section

Confirm the contact date is entered in the applicable row

  • If contact made through outbound call, SER DT = DATE
  • If contact made through inbound call, BORR DT = DATE