September 10, 2021: Retained Servicing - Add or Update an International Phone Number

The procedure to add or update an international phone number in MSP for retained servicing loans has been published in KnowledgeOwl.  

View this information in KnowledgeOwl by navigating to:

Home  >>  Account Maintenance  >>  Customer Contact Information  >>  Updating Telephone Numbers 

The procedure is shown below.  Please contact your supervisor or manager if you have any questions.


Add or Update an International Phone number

MSP Screen:  

  • LCOM

MSP Comment Codes:

  • CSSTEL – Updated Customers Telephone Number 

Add New or Update an International Phone number

Navigate to the LCOM screen in MSP

TEL NO.:  Telephone Number Field

Update the International Phone number on the Free-Form line

PH CD:  Phone Code Field

  • Phone Code – Input the two character code "BI" for Borrower International

SRC CDE:  Source of Receipt Code Field

  • Input “3” for Customer Call
  • Customer Experience must always use Source Code 3 for all inquiries to update phone numbers – even if written or by email

C/R IND:  Consent and Revoke Indicator Field

  • Input “I” for Invalid Phone  and press <Enter>