September 8, 2021: Recording Disclaimer - Adding Additional Party to a Call

Recording Disclaimer – Adding Additional Party to a Call

This procedure applies to Interim Servicing and Retained Servicing Calls.

A procedure has been added to the Verification Requirements section of KnowledgeOwl requiring the reading of a call recording disclaimer when an additional party is added to an existing inbound or outbound call.  

The procedure is shown below, or Click Here to view this content in KnowledgeOwl:

When connecting an additional party to an existing call – whether they are a third-party to the loan or another customer who signed the Note – it is required to immediately advise the added party the call is being recorded.

 After making the connection with the added party – creating a three-way call – follow the steps below:

  • Greet the added party, introduce yourself and that you are with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.
  • Read the following recording disclaimer before proceeding with the call: 
    • “Your call may be monitored or recorded for quality and training purposes.”

Follow all established procedures for verification and confirmation requirements when speaking with the added party and proceed with the call.  Contact your supervisor or manager if you have any questions.