Servicing 911 Management - LogicGate Complaints Tracking

Information on this page applies to Servicing 911 Management Only.  Complaints by Servicing911 Team Members are to be logged into the shared spreadsheet.  Management only will use LogicGate.

Access LogicGate for Fairway Servicing

  • Web address:
  • Log in credentials:  Input your Fairway Email Address and Fairway domain password

Input New Complaint

  • Servicing Complaints tab appears at the top of the screen

Click the New Servicing Complaint button

Complaint Entry Form will appear.


Use this section to upload any related documentation, emails or correspondence by either dropping and dragging the attachment or browsing files on the computer or shared drive.

Complainant Details

This section is where information about the customer/complainant is entered

Complainant Name 

Input name of complainant if they are not one of the borrowers on the loan, otherwise leave blank

Mark Borrower (if borrower)

Select Yes if complainant is a borrower on the referenced loan 


Select No if complainant is not a referenced borrower on the loan

Borrower Name 

Input name of complainant if they are one of the borrowers on the loan, otherwise leave blank

Employee Details

This section is where information about the employee receiving and inputting the complaint details in to LogicGate is entered

Note: if complaint references a specific employee or branch location, this information will be entered in the next section.

Employee Involved 

Input name of employee entering complaint in to LogicGate

Employee Type

Input job title of employee entering complaint in to LogicGate

Cost Center/Division

Input Cost Center of employee entering complaint in to LogicGate - Servicing will always enter 1103

Team or Group

Servicing will always input Customer Experience in this field

Manager/Supervisor Name

Input the name of the Manager or supervisor of the employee entering complaint into LogicGate

Origination Details

This section is where the loan number is entered.  If the complaints is about the originating branch and/or loan officer, input these details in this section if applicable

Originating Branch Number

Input originating branch number if complaint is relating to the originating branch, otherwise, leave blank  

Originating Loan Officer

Input name of originating loan officer if complaint is relating to the originating branch, otherwise, leave blank

Property State: Select the State of the property address from the drop-down menu

Loan Number: Input the Fairway Interim (FICS) loan number or the Fairway Retained (MSP) loan number

Servicer Loan Number:  Input the current servicer’s loan number if applicable, otherwise leave blank

Source Details

This section is where date received and source details about the complaint received is entered

Complaint Received Date

Input the date the complaint was received


Select the source of receipt of the complaint from the drop down menu 

  • BBB
  • Borrower
  • CFPB
  • Customer
  • Loan Officer
  • Other

Source Type

Select the source type of the complaint from the drop down menu

  • Attorney Representing Customer
  • Better Business Bureau
  • CFPB
  • Congressional
  • Customer
  • Executive
  • Federal Regulatory Agencies
  • Forensic Audit
  • Frivolous
  • Management
  • NOE
  • QWR
  • Social Media
  • State Regulatory Agencies

How Received 

Select how the complaint was received from the drop down menu

  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Mail
  • Other
  • Phone
  • Portal
  • Twitter


This section allows free-form text of a brief description about the complaint as well as drop down menus to select the loan type and investor.


Input free form text with a brief description about the complaint

Loan Type

Select from the drop down menu

  • Conventional
  • FHA
  • VA


Select from the drop down menu

  • Fannie Mae
  • Freddie Mac
  • Ginnie Mae
  • Private Investor
  • Others


This section is where the servicing status and servicer for the loan are entered

Servicing Status

  • Loan Retained, Serviced by Fairway (Interim)
  • Loan Retained, Serviced by Sub-Servicer (ServiceMac)
  • Loan Sold, Servicing Released

Servicing Buyer

  • Cenlar
  • Lakeview
  • New Rez
  • Pingora
  • PNC
  • RoundPoint
  • ServiceMac
  • Shellpoint
  • Two Harbors


  • Bank of America/Merrill Lynch
  • Cenlar
  • Dovenmuehle
  • Galton
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • PNC
  • Redwood
  • RoundPoint
  • ServiceMac
  • Shellpoint


This section is where the applicable complaint level will be selected from the drop down menu

The yellow asterisk indicates this is a required field




  • Level 2
  • Level 3

Compliance Risk

  • Yes
  • No


This section is where the applicable category or department in Servicing applicable to the complaint will be selected from the drop down menu.

Servicing Category

  • Payment
  • Escrow
  • PMI
  • Technology
  • Quality of Service
  • Loan Transfer
  • Year End 1098
  • Payoff/Lien Release
  • Delinquent Loan
  • Social Media
  • Credit Reporting
  • Privacy Breach

Level 2 & 3 Written

This section is where tracking if the complaint was received in written format – letter or email.


  • Yes
  • No

If a written complaint is received and Yes is selected for the above option, an Acknowledge Date must be entered to reflect the date an acknowledgement of receipt of the written complaint was sent to the complainant

Type & Category

This section is where tracking of the Complaint Type and Subservicing Subcategory are entered

Complaint Type

  • Always select Servicing

Servicing Subcategory


  • Online banking
  • ACH
  • Payment misapplied
  • Timely payment posting
  • Short payment reject
  • Payment return / NSF
  • Principal curtailment
  • Payment not received
  • Loan balance loan final payment / ach draft


  • Refund check
  • Escrow analysis
  • Escrow waiver
  • Hazard
  • Flood
  • Tax
  • Loss Draft


  • Processing timeframe
  • BPO/Appraisal timeframe
  • BPO/Appraisal results
  • BPO/Appraisal fee
  • Dispute of denial
  • Incorrect information from closing


  • Serv Website – Unable to log in
  • Serv Website – Password reset issue
  • Serv Website – Site not user friendly
  • Mobile – Unable to log in
  • Mobile – Password reset issue
  • Mobile – Site not user friendly 
  • Hold time to reach an agent
  • System unavailable

Quality of Service

  • Quality of service provided
  • Communication not clear
  • LO misrepresentation of Servicing practices

Loan Transfers

  • Did not understand loan would be service transferred
  • First payment and Notice of Transfer

Year End

  • Statement was not received
  • Statement was not correct
  • Timeliness of receiving statement

Pay Off Loan

  • Ease of receiving payoff statement
  • Unable to provide verbal payoff quote
  • Timeframe of processing lien release
  • Payoff process

Delinquent Loans

  • Dialer calls
  • Communication tactics
  • False statements
  • Threatening or illegal action
  • Improper contact of information sharing
  • Borrower did not receive Loss Mitigation paperwork
  • Borrower disagrees with terms or offer
  • Property inspection
  • Fees
  • Bankruptcy
  • Foreclosure


  • Dissatisfaction with service provided
  • Brand or reputational complaint
  • Servicing related 
  • Origination related
  • High visibility escalation

Credit Reporting

  • Disputed reporting through CBR’s, escalating to Servicer

Privacy Breach

  • Initial concern privacy was violated by sharing information with others
  • Dissatisfied their information was shared with others in error


This section is where tracking of any funds paid from Fairway toward the resolution is entered.

Pay Out

  • Yes
  • No


Input the dollar amount of the payout 

if Yes is selected for Pay Out.  

Otherwise, leave blank.

Response Source

This section is where tracking of the source of response to customers will be selected from the drop down menu

  • Phone Call – Spoke with borrower
  • Phone Call – Spoke with 3rd Party
  • Phone Call – Message Left
  • Letter Mailed to Borrower
  • Letter Mailed to Third Party
  • Letter Mailed to Regulatory Agency
  • Letter Mailed to Regulatory Agency and Borrower
  • Email mailed to Borrower
  • Email mailed to Third Party
  • Email mailed to Regulatory Agency
  • Email mailed to Regulatory Agency and Borrower

Completion Date

This section is where the date the complaint response is completed will be entered

  • Click on the calendar to select the date

Due Date / Update Date

This section is where due dates for complaints are assigned, as applicable.

  • Click on the calendar to select the date if written and a due date is to be assigned, otherwise, leave blank

Next Step

This section is where complaints are marked as complete and closed in LogicGate

Users also have options to re-assign or un-assign cases.  The yellow asterisk indicates this is a required field.

  • Complaint Complete
  • Re-assign to New User
  • Unassign

This is a key step, and Complaint Complete must be selected to close the case