Update Customer Cell Phone Number

Cell Phone Number Disclaimer and Obtain Customer Consent

When updating a customer’s phone number and the number is for their cell phone:

  • The disclaimer shown below must be read verbatim to the customer
  • Customer must provide verbal acknowledgement and consent to be contacted on their cell number


Ask the customer if the number they are updating is a Cell Phone Number.  

If Yes, speak the verbatim disclaimer to the customer:


By providing your cell phone number, we may contact you in the future   through an automated dialer, with pre-recorded messages and send text messages.  May we have your consent?

If customer says Yes:

  • Access the Borrower/Address Information Screen
  • Input the Phone Number in the Cell Phone Type Field
  • Check the box on the TCPA Consent field

If customer says No:

  • Advise the customer we cannot add or update a cell phone number without their consent to the information advised in the disclaimer

Document the action taken on the Memos screen.