Request VOM for Interim Servicing Loans

Information on this page applies to Interim Servicing and Servicing 911.

Verification of Mortgage (VOM) requests for Interim Servicing loans may be received by email or fax.  

Review the VOM Request to ensure the following information is present:

  • Loan Number or Property Address
  • Borrower’s Third Party Authorization if the request is from a third party (not the borrower or a Fairway Loan Officer)
  • Response information –E-mail or Fax Number to return the VOM to the requestor

If any of the required items referenced above are missing, contact the requestor to obtain the required missing information.

Generate a VOM in FICS 

1. Click the Reports tab on the top navigation bar

2. Click Miscellaneous 

3. Select the Verification Of Mortgage report

4. Click the Loan Select button

5. Loan #:  Key in the desired loan number or select the desired loan number from the drop down box

6. Once the desired loan number is selected, click Search Now

7. Date Range:  Select the Beginning and Ending Activity Date for the VOM Information

8. Requested By:  Input the details of the VOM requestor

9. Prepared By:  Input your name

10. Send E-Mail?  Check this box if the VOM is to be returned to the requestor by E-Mail

11. Comments:  Add additional comments (optional) - Note: Information typed in this box will appear on the VOM 

12. OK: Click the OK button to generate the VOM 

Once OK is clicked, the VOM will be viewable in Radstar.