Verifying Incoming Calls - Retained Servicing Third Parties

In addition to having written or verbal authorization documented on the loan in order to release information to an Authorized Third Party (ATP), the ATP must fully verify account information - the same verification  requirements customers are required to verify – in order to release information.  

Third party authorization does not replace the requirement to follow all verification steps.  

If a third party has authorization on file – written or verbal – and they are unable to complete the account verification steps, do not release information to the authorized third party.

To determine if a Third Party is authorized:

View the MEM1 Screen in MSP

View the MAS1 ADD4 Screen in MSP

View the Document Management System (DMS) for a copy of the written authorization

  • Written and Verbal 24-hour authorization provided by the customers(s) on the loan will be documented on the MEM1 screen
  • Written third party authorizations received are uploaded and viewable in the Document Management System (DMS) and information is documented on either the MEM1 screen and/or the MAS1 ADD4 screen in MSP