Verifying Retained Customer - Loan Number IVR Authenticated

When retained servicing customers call Customer Experience for assistance and authenticate their loan while using the IVR Automated System by providing their loan number, follow the required verification steps listed below:  

If the caller is the customer and they successfully authenticate while using the IVR Automated System:

  • Speak the greeting 
    • "Thank you for calling Fairway, my name is <your first name>, how may I assist you today?"
  • Listen to the caller, advise you will be able to assist them, and ask for their name
    • "Thank you.  I will be glad to assist you today.  May I have your name, please?"  
    • [wait for response]  
  • If the loan number auto-populated through the Loan Pop Tool (indicating the customer authenticated through the IVR) verify the customer's name by viewing the SER1 screen on MSP
    • Thank the customer for authenticating their mortgage loan through our automated phone system
    • No further verification steps are required 

Proceed with the call to the items that must be confirmed shown below.

The following items must be confirmed during the call:

  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

The CX Specialist may speak this information to the customer and have the customer verbally confirm accuracy.  Update these points of contact items if the customer advises our data on file is not accurate or up to date.