View Encompass Year End Documents not in FICS

Follow the steps listed below to view and retrieve image copies of the 1098 and 1099-INT documents for loans that originated in encompass but did not board to FICS.

This Process Must Be Performed Inside Citrix – This Process Will not work If Performed Outside Citrix.

Shared folder path for this spreadsheet - Copy and Paste the path shown below into the Shared Folder:

\\FS01\CORP\Servicing\Ventanex\Prod\receive\Year End\1098 Archive 2021\2021_788_Encompass_1098_Images.xlsx

  • The above step will open the 2021_788_Encompass_1098_Images.xlsx Excel Spreadsheet 

  • Click on a field in Column A, use the CTRL-F find command to locate the loan number

  • Navigate to Column B “Image Path” and copy the WHOLE value listed in Column B – If anything is missed this WILL NOT WORK 

  • Open Windows Explorer and paste the whole path in the quick access bar (at the top, it says Quick access in the bar)

  • The document image will appear as a pdf file that can be saved, emailed or printed