W-9 Requests

Information on this page applies to Interim Servicing and Servicing 911.

Customers or third parties may request a W-9 form from Fairway or may request a W-9 form to be filled out.

Typically, these requests are received when customers receive payment assistance from a third party agency, church group or other entity.  

  • Fairway will send a completed W-9 form to the agency or third party requesting this information
  • The form is not to be sent directly to customers.  Fairway will not fill out a blank W-9 form provided by a third party


1.  Click Here to retrieve a copy of the W-9 Form  

2.  Save a copy of this to your desktop or shared drive in order to attach the form to a secure email

  • Form is filled out with Fairway’s EIN Number and required information
  • Form is pre-signed by the designated representative of Fairway

3.  Written third party authorization is required

4.  Email a copy of this form to the third party or agency requesting the W-9.

5.  This form cannot be sent directly to customers – it must be sent to the third party/agency

6.  Submit this to the requestor using secure email.