Call Flow and Documentation Requirements - Language Line

Here are steps outlining how to maintain the flow of a call when utilizing a Language Line interpreter and system documentation requirements:

Briefly introduce and update the interpreter

  • Introduce yourself and state the goal of the conversation
    • Advise this call is relating to the servicing of a residential mortgage
  • Make note of the interpreter’s name and ID number

You retain control of the call

  • Interpreter will assist with communication, but you drive the conversation
  • Always use direct speech (first person) as you are conversing with the customer, the interpreter is translating your conversation
  • Speak in short 3 to 5 sentence segments and pause at the end of a thought or topic
  • Interpreter will translate exactly what they hear, always maintain a professional conversation

Completing the conversation

  • Check to ensure the customer understands and offer further assistance
  • Use the standard verbatim closing to complete the call with the customer
  • Document the loan you worked with an interpreter, and include the interpreter’s name and ID number