1099 Pro Procedures Document

This procedure, and access to the 1099 Pro Web Portal is for use by management only.

Access the 1099 Pro Web Portal: https://hosting-cs.1099pro.com/

Input Username and Password

Input Google authenticator code, then select Validate

Click OK to access the 1099 Pro Desktop

Double click the 1099 Pro Corporate Suite icon from the desktop

Verify the Current Filter field indicates:  FW 1098

If the Current Filter field does not indicate FW 1098:

  • Click the Select Another Filter in the above-referenced window
  • Choose FW 1098
  • Click Select the highlighted Filter at the bottom of the screen


Select Work With My Tax Forms from the menu tree on the left

Input the account number in the Search Account field, press <Enter> 

Click View the Form to ensure the correct loan number is accessed, and an image of the 1098 form will appear

Verify the correct Form 1098 has been selected, then click Cancel 

This will return you to the previous screen

Click Reprint this form 

Click Yes when prompted Are you sure you want to do this?

The confirmation message shown below will appear – Click OK

This returns you to the Loan Search Screen

The selected form will indicate Pending under the IRS Status column

Double-click the blue line to select the requested form

The Form 1098 will appear

Click Save and Print in the lower right corner of the Form 1098 window 

Check the box for Combined Recipient Copies (1 page per recipient) 

            Combined For Payer (B/Instructions/B)

Then click Advanced Options

Check the box below Visual Options

Print ‘0.00’ instead of blank or zero amounts

Select Use Masking for ALL Filers in this print run from the drop down menu

Click OK

Select Print

Once opened in the Report Preview window, save the PDF to the 1099 Pro hosted desktop. 

Click the SFTP drop down at the top of the window

PDF of the Form 1098 will display new window 

Select the cloud with the arrow pointing down

The file navigation window shown below will appear 

Select the file saved

Click the Open button in the lower left of the window and the document will open on your local machine or Citrix for saving and emailing