Bond and Correspondent Loans - 1098 Year End Statements

Some Bond and Correspondent Loans do not board to FICS, and images of these 1098 Year End Statements are not available in Radstar.

To request a copy of a 1098 Statement for these customers, follow the steps listed below:

Interim Servicing Call Center – Email Your Supervisor and Your Manager

Servicing911 – Email Your Supervisor and Your Manager

Subject line: “1098 Bond/Correspondent – [Loan Number}”

  • Include a valid email address and contact phone number for the customer in the body of the email
  • Advise customers the request will be processed within two business days

Managers and Supervisors will retrieve a copy of the requested statement by accessing the 1099-Pro application or by locating the file in the 2021 Radstar Rejects shared folder located at the path shown below:

All requests for email copies will be sent through Secure email, and no exceptions will be granted as this is required under Federal Privacy Laws.

  • The 1098 includes the Social Security number and other private customer information
  • Explain to customers they will be required to establish a login and password to access the secure email content